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Empowering in-person wellness workshops designed to help bring your dreams to reality

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Self Love Workshop

Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Allowing yourself to be just YOU. This Workshop goes deep, but you will have a lot of fun doing it. Trust us, this workshop will shift your thinking!

Topics we cover

  • Ways to love yourself more - no its not selfish!

  • Self worth and how it's connected to everything in your life. Stop the self doubt in its tracks.

  • You're True top 3 values

  • What are affirmations and how they work (how they don't work)

  • Manifestation done RIGHT

  • How true gratitude is a key player in loving yourself more and completely shifting your life.



"Amazing workshop, I feel much more positive and energetic. I'm ready to try everything we've learned today. I will be back for sure! :)

You both are absolutely inspiring!"

"So far my general wellbeing & emotional health has improved drastically since your first workshop. I can honestly say you both have made a positive and amazing impact on my life already."

Vision Board Workshop

Vision boards are recognised as the most effective way for successful people to achieve their dreams.


  • It’s a visual reminder of your dreams and aspirations.

  • The process of creating a vision board creates clarity, inspiration and motivation.

  • It helps you plan out your goals.

  • It keeps you focused.

  • It’s so much fun!

Did you know that your unconscious mind actually runs the show? It actually shows you your true desires? Our conscious mind is often influenced by society, others expectations and our sense of belonging (feeling like we should want the same thing as other people)

So during this workshop, we let your unconscious mind create the vision board.


"Amazing! Totally not what I was expecting. I was expecting cutting out pictures and pasting them on a board but it was soooo much more!"

"This workshop was sooo good Alka & Bec immediately made me feel welcome, as did the other people in the group. They clearly are very passionate about what they do & have a lot of knowledge. The meditation was amazing & really set the scene & made me focused. My mind was slightly blown when we looked at the grid at the end and could see how the different parts fit in."

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Manifestation magic Insta post.png

Manifestation Magic

We teach you exactly how to manifest your dreams and goals and align your thoughts with your actions so you can live your best life with purpose and intention. But most of all with JOY and FULFILMENT


Topics we will cover

  • How manifesting works and how it doesn’t

  • 7 steps to achieve your biggest goals and desires

  • The power of words and how to use affirmations the right way

  • How you can use gratitude to make your dreams come through

Buckle up, because you’re about to get your mind blown! If you’ve been feeling stuck, unsatisfied and unfulfilled then this is exactly what you need!


For once and for all take control of your life and your future and shape it exactly how you want it, like in your wildest dreams. Nothing is too much!


"Lots of laughter and tears. More than just a workshop, more like a 'workshop on myself'

Inspiring and motivational, and how to apply this to my life.

Down to earth presenters (Bec & Alka) in a safe, non-judgemental space. More people need this workshop.

I've got some things to action this week.

thank you very much."

"Loved everything! Inspiring information. When you talked us through all the steps today, it all made a lot of sense and I understood everything you said and explained. Your events are great value for money!"

Womens Wellness Retreat

💖 Relax, Restore, Recharge, and Reignite: Join Our Empowering Women's Retreat in September! 💖

Ladies, get ready to mark your calendars for an extraordinary weekend in September at our transformative Women's Retreat! Take a break from your busy life and reconnect with what truly matters: YOU. Immerse yourself in empowering activities that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and deeply connected to your body and mind on a serene country farmstay in Nambeelup.

Throughout the weekend, our inspiring facilitators, Alka and Bec, will guide you through transformative workshops and exercises that ignite inspiration and open doors to new possibilities. Unleash your creative energy, tap into your authentic self, and emerge as the best version of you.


Relax your mind with soothing breathwork and meditation sessions. Restore your body with invigorating massages, stretching, movement sessions, and a rejuvenating hike through the picturesque property. Recharge your heart with self-love activities, a heartwarming cacao ceremony and nourishing and delicious food. Reignite your soul with engaging creative workshops, create new friendships, participate in healthy food preparation workshops, and gather around cosy campfires. Plus so much more!


Join us for a weekend getaway that will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and deeply connected. Don't miss this opportunity to prioritise yourself and reignite the flame within. Register now for our Women's Retreat in September and become part of a community of like-minded women ready to create lasting connections, embrace their feminine power, and unleash their full potential!

Yoga Class

Meet Your Hosts

Alka and Bec

Alka and I met in 2021, we connected instantly, our values and vision aligned. We've been running workshops together since the start of 2022. We both love empowering women to love themselves more and step into their true self. 

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