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Quick! End your elbow pain today!

Updated: Jul 11

Elbow pain - something I get asked about more than you would imagine. We don't always realize how much we use our elbows and how we can neglect them sometimes. 

Pain is never where the problem is. Elbow pain can be the result of overuse, injury or incorrect posture coming from issues in surrounding muscles, fascia or joints.

The best way to decrease pain and increase mobility is to move your body in a wide variety of ways making sure you move in all direction of movement and ranges.

Use these 5 simple movements to help strengthen and rehab your elbow and ease your pain:

⚠️ Tricep ball release 

⚠️ Forearm ball release 

⚠️ Wrist flexion and extension 

⚠️ Dislocates 

⚠️ Broom elbow rotation

Click here to watch my video which demonstrates each movement and be sure to share with anyone who suffers with elbow pain!

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