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Have you ever wondered where exercise names come from?

I certainly have! Have a read on the information I found about the fascinating origins of popular workout moves!  

Turkish get ups- Legend claims It's at least 200 years old and is thought to have been created for soldiers fighting with shields and swords as a means to get from their back to a standing position when an enemy was on top of them.

Bulgarian Split Squats- It is called the Bulgarian Split Squat because it is believed to have originated in Bulgaria, where it was used by weightlifters to build lower body strength and explosiveness.

Russian Twists- The exercise known as the Russian twist is believed to have originated from gymnastics or dance training in Russia or Eastern Europe, and was likely adapted for fitness and sports training in other countries. The twisting motion of the exercise is similar to movements used in traditional Russian dances such as the Kalinka or Khorovod.

Romanian Deadlift -The Romanian deadlift (also known as the RDL) was developed by a Romanian weightlifter named Nicu Vlad with the intention of working on lower back and hamstring strength and to build power for pulling movements.

I hope you enoyed this little bit of fitness trivia as much as I did! I loved reading about the history of these exercise names. How many more can you think of??

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