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Happier | Healthier | Stronger

Inspiring women to get active, love themselves more and feel their best!

Feel Your Best Fitness and Massage is dedicated to empowering women globally to become more active and fall back in love with their bodies.

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Move Better & Feel Stronger

Outdoor personal and small group training and remedial massage designed to get you moving better, so you can get stronger and remove your pain.  We also run wellness workshops, retreats, team events and healthy living programs with the vision of creating a community of individuals who are happier, healthier, stronger, and fitter.

Workout Facility

Small Group Training

at Neil McDougall Park , Como

Our Methods
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Your journey with us is 4 step process that we call:

The Feel Your Best Process

Massage Therapy

Small Group Fitness

Join our amazing community in Como. Outdoor Small Group Fitness designed to get you feeling stronger and gain more energy. Small classes mean trainers can focus more on individuals technique and it make personalised.

Personal Training

Need specific help post injury or pain? Outdoor Personal One-on-One Training, designed around your goals and your schedule. As a movement restoration coach I can help adjust your movement patterns and eliminate your pain.

Remedial Massage

Eliminate your aches and pains. Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with remedial, sports or relaxation massage. Targeting muscles and fascia with techniques specific to your body. Home clinic in South Perth.

Wellness Workshops

Self Love, Vision Board and Manifestation Magic Workshops run with Alka Tiessink. Turn your dreams into reality and transform your self doubt into feeling empowered worthy and enough. Run monthly in Bentley

"I've been training with Bec for over a year and can genuinely say she knows what she is doing. Her exercises are different but target muscle groups effectively. She observes how you do an exercise and then helps you correct it, the posture, the breathing, the movement. "



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