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Breathing is the key

Breathing, a sub-conscious function of the human body. We do it automatically and is something we very rarely think about. But can being more aware of your breathing habits be the key to overall well being? Correct breathing helps us to create a stable foundation for healthy body function as it helps us to create more energy for our bodies to perform at a higher level and rest to promote a faster recovery. As adults who deal with the pressures of day-today life, many of us are in constant state of "flight or flight", a psychological survival function that occurs in response to a perceived harm, attack or threat.

When this occurs the body tenses up and can't perform 'normally' as all our energy is diverted from non-essential functions such as the digestive system and used by our big muscles. Have you ever noticed when you're nervous or stressed, you tense up and you want curl yourself into a ball? The nervous system's response is to protect our vital organs in preparation to 'fight' or to 'fly' from what the brain suspects could harm us. This may be caused by everyday stresses such as work, family or lack of sleep. Bad posture which could be caused by leaning to one side when we stand or sitting down at a desk all day can also negatively effect your breathing.

If you find yourself breathless when you run but your muscles aren't tired it could be that you aren't breathing properly. We take approximately 960 breathes per hour, 23,000 a day and 8.4 mil per year. That's a lot of breaths that we could be doing incorrectly.

Watch this quick 2 minute video, by Ross Field at Fieldwork Health, to find out the correct way to breath

Contact Feel Your Best Fitness for more tips and techniques that you can use to activate your core or to learn how to diaphragm breathe while doing different exercises. We can also do assessment on your posture and breathing mechanics, so we can get you breathing correctly, performing at your best and decreasing the risk of injuries.

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