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Video: Feel Your Best Fitness: October Workout Challenge

This months workout challenge is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). Designed to burn fat and strengthen your core.

This challenge is quick, simple and effective, you can do it anywhere and anytime so there is no excuses even if you have a busy schedule.

Complete 10 reps of each exercise, repeat as many rounds as possible (without a break) in 10 minutes (beginner), 15 minutes (intermediate) 20 minutes (advanced).

The exercises are;​

Burpee Kickthroughs

Walkout Pushups

Jumping Knee Tucks

Mountain Climbers

Remember to warm up and stretch to cool down to minimise any muscle cramps and soreness. A sufficient warm up could include a 5 minute walk/jog, leg swings, arm circles, body weight squats and star jumps, or any or your favourite cardio based moves to get all your muscles ready to go!

We would love to hear about your results. Take your heart rate at the end of the challenge and let us know via the Feel Your Best Fitness Facebook Page!

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