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Video: Feel Your Best Fitness- August Workout Challenge

This months workout challenge is a full body tabata. It's guaranteed to get your blood pumping and energy burning.

This workout is constructed around 20 seconds exercise followed by a 10 second rest, you'll keep to this structure throughout all 8 varieties of exercises.

These are all body weight exercises so you won't need any equipment. All you need is a stopwatch or a timer set up for 20 second and 10 second intervals.

The exercises are -

1. Squat jumps

2. Push ups with shoulder taps

3. Side hops with a toe touch

4. Squat and Kicks

5. Fast feet

6. Alternating Jumping Lunges

7. Burpees

8. Superman Plank.

Shred down for summer with this challenge by completing 2-5 rounds in each session.

Always remember to warm up and stretch to cool down to minimise any muscle cramps or soreness. A sufficient warm up could include a 5 min walk/jog, leg swings, arm circles, body weight squats and star jumps, or any of your favourite cardio based moves to get all your muscles ready to go!

We would love to hear about your results. Take your heart rate at the end of the challenge and let us know via the Feel Your Best Fitness Facebook Page!

Good luck!

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