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16 Steps to Conscious Healthy Living

Every day we have the ability to make choices, some we make consciously and some are due to our daily routine. Poor lifestyle choices and bad habits can have huge negative effects on how we feel both mentally and physically. Bad habits may be hard to break but a conscious effort to eliminate these bad habits and replacing them with conscious, healthy decision making will have you one step closer to feeling your best. Below I've listed my 17 steps to conscious healthy living, while the list may seem very simple to some to others it will seem overwhelming, but be assured that after just weeks of putting these steps into action in your daily routine, you'll realise just how simple it is to lead a happy, healthy life.

  1. Think positive!

  2. Set short and long-term goals

  3. Create a workout plan, stick to it!

  4. Cut out ‘bad’ sugars

  5. Drink more water

  6. Listen to your body

  7. Treat yourself to a massage regularly

  8. Choose fresh plant based foods over processed products

  9. Try new recipes, healthy doesn’t mean boring

  10. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach

  11. Get outdoors and enjoy nature

  12. Stretch and exercise daily

  13. Enhance recovery with a foam roller

  14. Do things that make you happy

  15. Find yourself an exercise buddy, motivate and support!

  16. Never give up!

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