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Video: Feel Your Best Fitness- May Workout Challenge

This month's Feel Your Best Fitness Workout Challenge is a high-intensity AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) workout. It's designed to boost your metabolism and burn a high amount of calories and fat in a short period of time. It will also keep your body burning calories even after your workout has finished.

This challenge doesn't require equipment or a large amount of space, it is perfect for a winters day when you only have small undercover area at home or close by.

To start, set a timer for 30 second intervals or keep a stopwatch in view. One round consists of 30 seconds each of 180 degree jump squats, fast plank twists, high knees then rest.

Complete as many rounds as possible, aim for three to five rounds.

Remember to warm up and stretch to cool down to minimise any muscle cramps and soreness. A sufficient warm up could include a 5 minute walk/jog, leg swings, arm circles, body weight squats and star jumps, or any or your favourite cardio based moves to get all your muscles warmed up so you prevent any injuries.

We would love to hear about your results, let us know at the Feel your Best Fitness Facebook Page!

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