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Boxing For Fitness

Boxing for Fitness

Looking for a high intensity, full body workout that will not only make you physically fitter but increase your self discipline and confidence....Then Boxing is for you... One of the most demanding but rewarding forms of training, Boxing will make you physically stronger, increase your agility, speed and endurance, it provides a multitude of not only physiological benefits but also psychological benefits and is great for stress relief.

Due to it's high intensity and involvement of large muscle groups, calories and fat are being burnt at a super-high rate in comparison to other forms of exercise, in fact when performing high intensity training such as boxing, it will not only burn through fat during your session but also for hours after. Although boxing may not add muscle, it will tone and define existing muscle due to the high amounts of repetitions. Suitable and adaptable for all levels of fitness, boxing drills can be varied to increase and decrease intensity and difficulty according to your fitness and coordination level. As you get stronger and faster and techniques are mastered boxing training regimes can be quickly altered, preventing boredom and always keeping you challenged! Feel Your Best Fitness holds three Boxing for Fitness sessions per week in various locations across Perth and has helped dozens of regular Perth people to feel their best through fun, varied and challenging outdoor boxing sessions which keep people coming back! For further info on Feel Your Best Boxing Sessions Click Here!

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