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Video: Feel Your Best Fitness - April Workout Challenge

The Feel Your Best Workout challenge for April is a 10 round super-set of Burpees and kettlebell swings! Always remember to drink plenty of water, warm up correctly and be sunsmart!

This workout requires a kettlebell or weight that you are comfortable with, if you don't have anything heavy enough you can change the swings to squat jumps or squats.

Round 1 includes 10 burpees plus 20 kettlebell swings, each round you will drop 1 burpee but the number of kettlebell swings will stay the same (20). This means, Round 2 we will drop to 9 burpees plus 20 kettlebell swings, Round 3 becomes 8 burpees plus 20 kettlebell swings and so on, until we finish at Round 10 which will be 1 Burpee plus 20 kettlebell swings. For an extra challenge time your workout! We'd love to hear how you are progressing, Let us know your results on our Facebook page!

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