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Fitness: Think Outside the Gym

In Western Australia, we have some of the best weather, cleanest air and safest outdoor areas to train. If running on treadmills, waiting for free machines and big, buff blokes checking themselves out in the mirror isn’t your thing…

Our outdoor small-group sessions cater for everyone’s personal needs and goals, without the hassle of signing up to an expensive gym or rushing after work to make your 6pm class only to find you’re cramped inside a gym room with 30 other participants sweating all over you… Yuck!

The benefits of outdoor small-group sessions include -

Personal Attention – While Group classes at the gym or recreation centre offers many benefits, instructors are having to share their time among 10, 20 even 30 participants. Small-group sessions allows a more personal experience. Our friendly, approachable trainers are there to listen, provide feedback and get you closer to your personal fitness goals.

Affordability – One on One personal training can be super expensive, our small-group sessions are very affordable and still allow plenty of personal attention from our team.

Mental Wellbeing - Research shows that people who are active and involved in local community programs are more likely to have an improved state of mental wellbeing, making you happier and more resilient to depression and other mental health issues.

Mix it up – As we get to know you and your goals, our programs will evolve as you progress, preventing disinterest and boredom.

Mateship – Having a great group of people to exercise with, will help you reach both group and individual goals faster! With our trainers and other team members beside you, it will help you overcome any obstacles in your workouts and life in general.

Motivation – Just when you think you can’t, there will always be someone beside you to help you push harder for your goals!

Get in the Zone – With our tight programming and our trainers keeping an extra special eye on you, there’s no time for day-dreaming.

Fun – It’s not all about blood, sweat and tears…. Our small group sessions involve plenty of fun and laughs along the way!

Commitment – With our fantastic trainers and fitness programs, your energy levels will increase and you’ll be having a blast with some fantastic people with common goals….. You’re going to want to keep coming back!

Results – When you stick with a well-constructed program and regular feedback, you will not only see the results, you will feel the results and you’ll be on the way to Feeling your Best! Small-group group fitness sessions can provide a multitude of benefits in getting you on the path to achieving your fitness goals. For more information get in touch with us today here!

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