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About Us

Most of us spend a lot of time sitting down at a desk at work or in front of tv at home and its having a negative effect on our health and well being. Your body was designed to move, your brain thrives on this. At Feel Your Best Fitness, our mission is help you to feel happier, healthier, fitter and stronger. We focus on making moving fun and challenging so it's easier to stay active and be part of your everyday lifestyle.

Feel your Best Fitness started up over five years ago. It all started with my passion of running. How fun it was to get outside in the sunshine and move, the endorphins and the satisfaction that I felt for getting active and doing something great for my mind and body. I wanted to share with everyone what a great stress relief it was just to move and how much it can improve your mental and physical health.

So far I have helped many clients overcome their mental and physical barriers and make exercise part of their everyday habits. I have one amazing client in particular, who in the past 6 months, has lost 15kg and an enormous amount of cms off his entire body from changing his inactive and regular junk food habits into active and healthy eating habits.

Our outdoor training sessions are also designed to be fun, we use a range of different exercise modalities to make sure your body is challenged. These include boxing-for-fitness, functional strength training, high intensity interval training and core strengthening and flexibility. All our workouts are functional and focus on technique, breathing and muscles activation to avoid injuries. 

Part of a balanced lifestyle includes quality sleep, great nutrition and reduced stress. Our bodies also need time to rest and recover to become stronger and fitter. Finding a good balance also includes eating the foods you love (but may be bad for you) on occasion. Life's too short to not enjoy a bit of chocolate! I like to encourage you to eat these foods on the odd occasion as it helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life, rather than suffer for too long and then binge on it later.




One-on-one Personal Training is all about you.  Whatever your goals we can help get you there with specifically designed programs, motivation and accountability. Its a great option for people who work long hours or have kids to look after as we can train when and where it best suits you. If you would like to gain a level of fitness that's sustainable in a supportive environment, then we can help whip you into shape! 



A high intensity, group fitness class, focusing on motivating and challenging your mind and body to be at it's best. This 45mins class is suitable for beginners to advanced exercise lovers. 

Bootcamps are held;

In COMO on Tuesdays @ 4.30pm and 530pm, Thursdays @ 5pm and Saturdays @ 8am, at Neil McDougall Park.

In FREMANTLE on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm, Fridays at 6am at Frank Gibson Park.

See our facebook page for more details

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE or Please check out our facebook page for any updates or changes to the schedule.



Exercise is fun (yes really!) especially when shared! So grab a few friends together and get them to commit to their word about getting fit and feeling great. Choose a place and a time most convenient to you all and enjoy all the benefits of exercising outdoors in a social and fun environment.   



Massages in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Massage has been known to improve posture, circulation and joint flexibility, reduce anxiety and relieve stress. Options include 1hr or 1.5hrs of Remedial Massage (health care rebates available for all major funds), Myofascial cupping, Therapeutic Deep-Tissue Massage with Trigger-Point Release or Relaxing Swedish Massage. Sports massage is also available for pre and post events or training. Check out our Facebook page for current specials on massage.



Weight loss= 20% Exercise + 80% nutrition. You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet!

With the help of a qualified nutritionist, we can- design a specific training regime, healthy eating plan, regular goal setting and some accountability-  to get you closer to a happier, healthier and more energetic you.

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